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A s h l e y & B e c k y

I LOVE confidence shoots. I get to go on a personal journey with my couples listening to their journey so far since their engagement. I get to know more about them to help me capture their day in a personal way (yes I am nosey and I want to know everything from your favourite band to your favourite ways to spend your time together).

Sometimes I even get to walk the path that they walked before their proposal... this was the case with Ashley & Becky (and Dexter). 

We met on a cosy, autumn day at the beautiful Blenheim Palace; with Dexter their puppy in hand and the picnic blanket from the day Ashley proposed it was a special walk to take with them.

Ashley & Becky wanted to capture their proposal adventure and we recreated some of the experiences to make their shoot truly personal. 

With posing guidance, personal items, a fun puppy and a beautiful backdrop we had a great time. Thank you Ashley & Becky for being so open in sharing such a special location with me.

Mrs Jutson Wedding Photography
Mrs Jutson Wedding Photography
Mrs Jutson Wedding Photography

I can not wait for your special day in Devon in 2018.

To see my fun confidence shoot in Paris click below.

Ash me about availability and tell me your ideas for your confidence shoot.

A M Y & E M M A - Sunset, skulls & lots of love!

'We have been blown away by our photos. I can not stop looking at them! Louise, your our life photographer now!!'

Amy & Emma, it has taken me an age to share these because I am still speechless about your beautiful day at Ocean Kave.

There is so much I could write about your incredible day. The love between you is beautiful, authentic and passionate. You gave me so many beautiful moments to capture that I need a few blog posts to share these.

Amy & Emma got married at the beautiful Ocean Kave in the height of Summer and had a full day of celebrating their love and their special day with their family. We had the most glorious weather allowing us to shoot all through the day until sunset.

They wanted to have a relaxing day with their friends and family. They had all stayed the night before to eat together and relax before their day, to come together and enjoy each others company. To also make the most of the stunning bridal suite at Ocean Kave which is truly luxurious.

Both Amy & Emma wore the most incredibly elegant dresses and without seeing each others they even chose something very similar as well. 

It was a beautiful day of love, laughter, tears and skull infused celebration. After their ceremony and eating we took a quiet walk along the coastal path for an intimate photo session with a mix of sunset rays and smoke-bombs (A huge thank you to Danielle from Faithful Designs who helped with the styling and braving setting off the smokes-bombs again)

Everything was just too perfect for even my words.

Thank you Amy & Emma for such a wonderful, unforgettable day.

Enough talk, check out part one of these wonderful ladies day.

(Some images below are from the talented MargoR Photography who shot with me for part of the day HUGE thank you Margo)

Mrs Jutson Wedding Photography
Mrs Jutson Wedding Photography
Mrs Jutson Wedding Photography
Mrs Jutson Wedding Photography
Mrs Jutson Wedding Photography
Mrs Jutson Wedding Photography
Mrs Jutson Wedding Photography
MargoR Photography 

MargoR Photography 

Mrs Jutson Wedding Photography
Mrs Jutson Wedding Photography


To see Emma & Amy's pre wedding confidence shoot on the beach WITH SMOKE BOMBS click here.

C L A I R & J A M E S - Sun, Sea and Acro!

I can not even explain how excited I am with all of the clients I am working with, this year and next. I seem to have the most exciting and fun clients and I am so grateful.

Sunday started out like an other confidence shoot does. A few jiggles of a plan, some hot drinks and finding out as much as I can about a couple without sounding like a stalker. 

We had to dodge a marathon run, we walked, we chatted about squid ink and gorilla races. We sat by the sea and watched the day really flourish whilst capturing the lovely connection between Clair & James. It was a lovely start to a shoot...

Mrs Jutson Wedding Photography
Mrs Jutson Wedding Photography
Mrs Jutson Wedding Photography
Mrs Jutson Wedding Photography
Mrs Jutson Wedding Photography


And then just when we were about to change location Clair & James just casually threw in that they did Acro Yoga together and blew my mind and my camera and I were buzzing.

To capture a couples love is amazing, to capture something as unique and personal as a connected yoga move... well...

Just beautiful!

Mrs Jutson Wedding Photography
Mrs Jutson Wedding Photography
Mrs Jutson Wedding Photography

Clair & James it was an absolute pleasure to meet you and get to know you both. I can not wait for your big day!

Heidi & Tim Pt 2 - Origami, Llamas and Thunderstorms

We can not thank Louise enough for the fantastic job she did of capturing our special day. Her attention to detail and passion for what she does shone through and we could not have been happier with the end result. Tim & Heidi

Tim & Heidi's wedding part 2, after such an amazing intimate first ceremony, did not disappoint at all. Visually there was so much to capture, so much emotion and fun. All of the venue dressing had been done the day before, by Tim, Heidi family, friends and even myself and my husband pitched in.

I LOVED the hand potted plants as favours for guests. Taking something home with them to remember the day that grows with love and care. Just too awesome!

(As a side note Tim & Heidi also decided to start a beautiful house plant company called Wild Home together this summer as well, joining together their passions for plants and interior design.)

Mrs Jutson Wedding Photography
Mrs Jutson Wedding Photography
Mrs Jutson Wedding Photography
Mrs Jutson Wedding Photography
Mrs Jutson Wedding Photography


The personal touches to the beautifully minimal decor extended into the ceiling decorations which saw the marquee adorned with origami animals, which were made by friends and family and sent back with the RSVPS for the invitations.

Mrs Jutson Wedding Photography
Mrs Jutson Wedding Photography
Mrs Jutson Wedding Photography
Mrs Jutson Wedding Photography


The next day we were on for wedding part 2!

With a second dress and a second colour scheme, Tim & Heidi got the chance to express themselves twice.

Starting at Heidi's parents house, surrounded by her sisters and nieces and nephews was a fun, beautiful way to start the day. It was wonderful to watch them all helping each other with hair and makeup was wonderful and their hairdresser was a family friend too. Everything was so calm and close. 

Mrs Jutson Wedding Photography
Mrs Jutson Wedding Photography
Mrs Jutson Wedding Photography
Mrs Jutson Wedding Photography
Mrs Jutson Wedding Photography
Mrs Jutson Wedding Photography
Mrs Jutson Wedding Photography
Mrs Jutson Wedding Photography
Mrs Jutson Wedding Photography
Mrs Jutson Wedding Photography
Mrs Jutson Wedding Photography

Then we whisked off to the beautiful Yorkshire Heart Vineyard for their outdoor ceremony! The weather was very dramatic

Mrs Jutson Wedding Photography
Mrs Jutson Wedding Photography
Mrs Jutson Wedding Photography
Mrs Jutson Wedding Photography
Mrs Jutson Wedding Photography
Mrs Jutson Wedding Photography
Mrs Jutson Wedding Photography
Mrs Jutson Wedding Photography
Mrs Jutson Wedding Photography
Mrs Jutson Wedding Photography
Mrs Jutson Wedding Photography


The weather was so dramatic and looked fantastic on camera. Though we did duck into the marquee to finish their wedding blessing as the lightening struck and then the heavens opened.

Mrs Jutson Wedding Photography
Mrs Jutson Wedding Photography
Mrs Jutson Wedding Photography
Mrs Jutson Wedding Photography
Mrs Jutson Wedding Photography
Mrs Jutson Wedding Photography


As if there were not some incredible moments to photograph as it was, a surprise petting zoo was on site for Heidi & Tim as a present because of their love of animals. It was fantastic to see all the guests holding and feeding the animals when the storm stopped and the sun came back out.

Mrs Jutson Wedding Photography
Mrs Jutson Wedding Photography
Mrs Jutson Wedding Photography
Mrs Jutson Wedding Photography
Mrs Jutson Wedding Photography
Mrs Jutson Wedding Photography


As with most of my couples, Heidi & Tim didn't want to be away from their celebrations for a huge amount of time. We took 15 minutes together to take a stroll, to take in the day and capture some moments of them together.

Mrs Jutson Wedding Photography
Mrs Jutson Wedding Photography
Mrs Jutson Wedding Photography
Mrs Jutson Wedding Photography


I think the day for all standing together, formal style group shots is done. For me it is anyway. I became a shadow and followed Tim & Heidi around while they caught up with their guests and captured them where they were. It meant we have versatile group shots in lots of places around their venue. 

Mrs Jutson Wedding Photography
Mrs Jutson Wedding Photography
Mrs Jutson Wedding Photography
Mrs Jutson Wedding Photography


We had some wonderful speeches and words of remembrance and love from Heidi & Tim's special people. Along with my first thank you gift given in the speeches.

Everyone made way for the first dance and then joined in with the celebrations and party.

Even I was told to put my camera down...

Mrs Jutson Wedding Photography
Mrs Jutson Wedding Photography


Well, what else can I say! I know I talk a lot but no words really describe the feelings I get when I get to be such a close part of so many peoples special days.

Heidi & Tim! Thank you for having me!



To see Tim & Heidi's full wedding gallery click HERE. This takes you to an external site where you will be asked for an email address purely to view the images. Your email address will not be used for anything else.

The question I wish you would ask me....

Mrs Jutson Wedding Photography Specialist

Are you asking your suppliers this?

Ok, so lets get serious for a second. You are hiring a service for one of the biggest days of your life, you have saved for a number of years, family are investing in your day with you, you are working more hours to get a bigger budget for your dream outfit and venue!

That is a big deal....

If you were buying a brand new car for £12,000+ (average wedding costs from my own head and shall I get a statistic) you would insure it... am I right? So that if something happened you would be covered to fix it or replace it?

So.... have you taken out wedding insurance?

Ok I will be honest with you... I did not even know this existed when I got married so I didn't do it but if I was to go back I would.

Then... and this is THE question...are you asking your suppliers if they are insured and if you aren't DO IT NOW! 

I am not going to write out my entire policy because that is DULL... but I am going to share this!

If I leave my camera bag laying around and you trip over it and break your leg... we are covered.

If I damage your dress with my tripod or lights...we are covered

If I scratch your car when I climb on it to take the group shot..(ok I wouldn't but some might) I am covered.

All this along with if anything happens to my equipment on your big day!

Do you think that is important? Because I do and that is why I am a professional and I pay for that service. So you feel safe!

NOW! Have you also asked your other suppliers the same?


I do not like doom and gloom but still being serious here your big day means a lot to you and it means a lot to me. I want you to feel safe and secure in your suppliers. All the professionals are great at what they do and will not doubt be insured. Accidents do happen even to the most experienced suppliers.

SO GET ASKING! We will be pleased that you did!

Want to know more about what to ask?

Ask about a suppliers insurances, what is covered and do they have public liability insurances (for makeup artists, hair stylists, photographers, bands and many more)

Confidence Sessions! - Why you need to let me take your photo before your big day!

 Engagement Shoot, Pre- wedding shoot, pre-wedding session, couples shoot...

There are so many different titles being used between photographers around the world for the mini shoot we attach/include in our packages. One of the above, maybe others that I have not come across.


As you may have noticed I am not one for the norm and something was not sitting right with me when I was talking about the pre-wedding shoot and when I was writing about it on my website. It was not encapsulating what I knew the value of the pre-shoot was for my couples. So I use a different term.

Whichever term is used all the professionals I know will agree it is an essential part of the wedding photography journey.


Your Confidence Shoot

Why is it essential and why do I call it this?

I could write an endless article about this but lets keep it to some key bullet points...

- It is key in building in our rapport so you feel relaxed and confident having me around on your day.


- It is an important part of your photography journey to build your confidence in having your photograph taken on your wedding day by me.

- You feel comfortable with me being close to you and guiding you through poses.

- I get to know more about you, what your passions are and what makes you laugh so I can make your photographs more personal (have a cool hobby you want to include in your shoot PLEASE tell me... acro yoga shoot anyone?

- You get to have some awesome photographs of yourselves to use at home or even on your wedding day for your displays.

- These photos make great Save the Date postcards.

- We get to add more excitement to your wedding journey. So many of the parts of wedding planning will not come to fruition until your day. With me we get to have a bit more fun, capturing memories, extended your chances to really take note of your journey. 

All of these elements make this a vital and hugely fun part of your wedding photography journey because hands down it helps create even better photographs for you!

So lets get chatting about your Confidence Shoot today!

Want to see more of my couples confidence shoots. Head on over to my wedding gallery portfolio and click on their albums.

What's next Louise?


Yes I am known for many words.

However my wedding photography package and journey with you is simple and personal.

So how does it work and what will our journey be?

Mrs Jutson Wedding Photography Specialist


I believe in a stress free, simple process.

- you like me/like my style

- we connect over Skype or cake

- feel great and chose me as your photographer - pay booking deposit that is non-refundable and comes off the overall total. (You receive your wedding agreement)

- Book your 1 hour confidence shoot (for destinations this can be the day/evening before your wedding)

- Final payment made 12 weeks before your big day

- We have an awesome day capturing memories together

- 1 week later you get a preview of your photographs in your online gallery

- 2/3 weeks later you receive your full online gallery.

- You go home, look at them again and again, download them to your computer. You share them with your family and friends.

- You choose your favourites and if you would like an album added to your package either before or after your wedding then thats simple too.


Mrs Jutson Wedding Photography Specialist


The most important ethos of my business over everything is that I am personal photographer. 

Your story, your memories, your love and connections matter to me.

I may seem nosey, I want to know what is going on in your life, what you love, what you hate, your pets names.

We will connect throughout your wedding journey.

I am quite a good wedding agony aunt now if you need someone neutral to bounce and idea off.

Mrs Jutson Wedding Photography Specialist


All this that I do is to help you feel relaxed on your day. No one wants to feel uncomfortable whilst they are getting dressed, or when I get close on personal with my camera.

I do very few 'formal' posed shots. No one wants to stand around for 40 minutes posing and smiling. We wander together and capture real moments and celebration with your loved ones and friends.

So thats what to expect from working with me and your wedding photography journey. All that is left to do is get connected.

If you have already booked with me, I am so excited to work with you. The next connection we will have is your confidence shoot, click below and see why I LOVE them so much.

Tim & Heidi Pt 1 - Weddings, cheese, coffee and a birthday!

Thank you so much Louise for everything you added to our day, we feel truly blessed that you came and dedicated everything you had to capturing every moment perfectly!
Tim & Heidi Wedding Morning 

Tim & Heidi Wedding Morning 

When I rebranded at the beginning of 2016 and started my new road in my wedding photography business I sat and thought about what my business really is, and what I provide to my clients. 

What came to me first and foremost was real and personal; with such a flood of wedding photography that is very beautiful and creative but not always reflecting what is real and true about the couple or their wedding journey. Do not get me wrong, showing off photography skill is totally a chance to grab. However when you can use it to capture the real and the personal THATS THE SWEET SPOT.

So lets rewind.... and get personal!

I can not lie and say Tim & Heidi's wedding is all professional as Tim is my second cousin. We have always lived far apart and only ever saw each other at funerals and possibly a wedding or two many years ago. 

Tim's parents have a huge place in my heart, I always wanted to be able to do something to say thank you for their love, kindness and belief in me which I never got the chance to do for them personally. Losing them both in the last few years meant I felt that I could never repay them, so you can imagine my sheer joy when after a 10 year engagement and then a engagement renewal Tim & Heidi decided to finally tie the knot! 

So I sent them a message and that was all set! I was so excited and after some facebook chats and Skype calls I knew that it was set to be a show stopping wedding.

Fast forward and there was their awesome 2 part wedding. I spent 4 days in the company of the, their friends and family and my husband Dan came along too. We were part of so much, we laughed together, ate together, danced together and we hung SO MANY origami animals together. 

100% personal! 

Ok so lets get to the day! I know I am known for words but I take pretty cool photos too!

Mrs Jutson Photography
Mrs Jutson Photography Wedding Specialist
Mrs Jutson Photography Wedding Specialist
Mrs Jutson Photography Wedding Specialist
Mrs Jutson Photography Wedding Specialist

Our day started at about 12pm when myself and Dan arrived in York after a drive up from Bath. We sat and had a cup of tea and chatted to Tim whist we laughed and watched Heidi cut the grass.... 2 hours before their wedding ceremony. Tim then joined the preparations and hung out the washing! These were not moments I could miss in the capturing of their day as it truly reflected their relaxed approach to their special day.

Around 1pm after eating some snacks in the sun, Tim & Heidi decided to get ready and I had the chance to capture some of their home. 

So many cool elements of design and personal touches to capture, which is always awesome for my visual mind. I spent some getting to know their very lovely dog Murphy. Who basked in the attention.

We then took a stroll to their intimate wedding ceremony.

Mrs Jutson Photography Wedding Specialist

We met Heidi's parents who were witnessing their ceremony and in we went. We didn't expect to be allowed to photograph the actual ceremony but the registrars were lovely and let me hide in a corner.

Mrs Jutson Photography Wedding Specialist
Mrs Jutson Photography Wedding Specialist
Mrs Jutson Photography Wedding Specialist

Cheese & Coffee

So then of course we did what every couple do... walked through the streets of York to eat cheese at Love Cheese.

Standard wedding day adventures.

Mrs Jutson Photography Wedding Specialist
Mrs Jutson Photography Wedding Specialist


We then took a stroll through York and through the museum grounds. It was beautiful to see the contrast of such a special moment for Heidi & Tim and the normality of a Wednesday afternoon for the people of York.

Mrs Jutson Photography Wedding Specialist
Mrs Jutson Photography Wedding Specialist
Mrs Jutson Photography Wedding Specialist

Add in a birthday!

To finish off the very non-standard wedding celebrations (part 1) Tim & Heidi met their family in the museum gardens to then celebrate Heidi's mums birthday as well.

Mrs Jutson Photography Wedding Specialist
Mrs Jutson Photography Wedding Specialist

Myself and Dan had the best day, really getting to know Tim & Heidi and spending time in their city. To see and capture so many personal and unique moments made me so photographically spoilt that it has taken me an age to share them. These are some of the highlights because I am hoping some awesome wedding blog will see them and snap them up and share them EVERYWHERE.



To see Tim & Heidi's full wedding gallery click HERE. This takes you to an external site where you will be asked for an email address purely to view the images. Your email address will not be used for anything else.

Working with Louise! That's me...

What can you expect when working with me?

Now you have seen my work (click HERE if you haven't) and my prices and you think yeah I am liking what I see...but the most important thing we need to figure out is that we can work well together and that we are on the same page. I have my eccentricities and my photographic style, these need to fit with what you are looking for in your wedding photos.

So what can you expect?

1 - Firstly you will ALWAYS get me! I do have a great second shooter who I bring to weddings with me, but I am the eccentric face of my business and I always will be. When you call or email... it will ALWAYS be me. Your camera confidence shoots and coffee meetings (or hot chocolate in my case) will ALWAYS be with me.

2 - I like to keep things personal and simple, so I will not bombard you with lots of different packages and options for your day. I have one price to cover your mini shoot, consultations (coffee & cake), editing, travel, the second photographer (I bring them when I feel it suits your day and your image needs) and from getting ready to your first dance. You then can tailor any extras you would like to add to suit your budget. 

3 - Creativity is in my blood and I will look for ways in which to capture your day and your personality. This may mean that I take photos that are more creative than formal and I will discuss with you interesting poses, locations and things to photograph. NO standing in a line for 40 minutes for me. With group shots I like to capture genuine emotion so I will follow you around when you greet your guests and capture cuddles and hugs with them.

4 - FUN - Oh my goodness, I have been a bridesmaid 9 times in my 32 years and the one thing missing from 'traditional' wedding photography for me was FUN! I want to photograph YOU and your personality, I want to capture your laugh, your love and your tears. I want to photograph your doing what YOU as a couple like to do. Lets go to the beach, go in a land rover, run across a field with your dogs. Lets do WHATEVER you love to do! Let's have fun!

5 - A lot of chats, I LOVE to talk! If you are a talker we will get on just fine! I ask many questions, I want to know where you have been on holiday, what your cousin bought you when you were 5 and where you got engaged. All this helps me tell YOUR story through your mini shoot and on your wedding day.

6 - Professional service to put your mind at ease. I have full insurance that covers me and you. I have never had to use it and I do not imagine I ever will.... I photographed two weddings at 38 weeks pregnant and no dramas (though I did pretend I was going into labour to kick the guests into action). I know I should put this point at the top but it isn't most fun question. The bizarre thing is no one ever asks me this question when I get an enquiry! So a tip - any supplier you chose, make sure they are insured!

7 - Style and technique and tools  - My camera is the extension of my arm and I know him inside and out and we work very closely together to create your images.


I use my camera on a manual setting, which allows ME to take the picture and not the camera. I don't like to take chances when it comes to capturing those perfect moments. I LOVE real! I love lighting, colours, hues and the palate of your wedding is as important to me as it was when you envisioned it. My style is focused on realism, capturing true connections and colours. 

8 - Help at all points; my biggest passion and the feature I am going to end this blog post on is I will be here to help you all the way through your journey. Your booking of me, your choosing of other suppliers (should you need recommendations I know someone who does everything). Your wedding day, corset lacing and pouring of wine. To the end where you chose your final images and we finish our wedding journey together.

This is me and what I will bring with me to every client I work with...

'And she's super easy to get on with, not to mention on hand with giving the extra push when needed at the venue on the day'

So if you think, yeah this girl has got something we like then click below to see the wedding photography booking process.


If you are off out to meet your mother-in-law-to-be or your best friend and don't want to forget me sign up to get my ramblings directly in your inbox.

P.S I am a fan of ripped jeans, wooly hats and my green fluffy coat. I only own 33 items of clothing that I LOVE so how you see me, is how I am!

With Love! x

(With thanks to Liberty Pearl Photography for the portraits)


Please join me in congratulating the lovely Dan & Kayleigh on their beautiful wedding yesterday at Langdon Court Hotel.

Dan & Kayleigh Merry at Langdon Court Hotel

Dan & Kayleigh Merry at Langdon Court Hotel

These lovely people have been in my heart since we met almost 12 months ago now and I have enjoyed being a special part of their wedding journey (including a Paris engagement trip).

Thank you for inviting to me to be a part of it. A huge thank you to you and your lovely guests for welcoming myself and Margo so warmly. It was a wonderful day.

A beautiful day for a wedding at Langdon Court Hotel 

A beautiful day for a wedding at Langdon Court Hotel 

With a huge thank you to MargoR Photography who was a fabulous support working with me yesterday, to Jenny from Edible Essence Couture Cake co and Amanda from Flowers by Amanda for their above and beyond service in creating the stunning display Dan & Kayleigh envisioned and to the wonderful team at Langdon Court who made everyone comfortable, welcome and ensured they had a smooth and wonderful day.

To the wonderful Emmie of Makeup by Emmie Green and Diane who created the most beautiful looks for the bridal party yesterday THANK YOU also. When I find your business page I will tag you properly.

I am sad that your wedding is over as it has been a wonderful journey, but so VERY happy to now wish you all the best in your married lives together.

All my love and wishes!



Visit your venue WITH your photographer!

Langdon Court Hotel 

Langdon Court Hotel 

Being pure and honest is a part of my vision and my business ethos. I will always be honest with you and myself.

So I have found something new, that I could have shared in a totally different way, pretending I had always known (for my 8 photography years) this that I am about to share. I have no doubt that many photographers out there already do this.

I am human and I am forever learning and growing for my business and for YOU! So I learnt something new and I wanted to share it with you....

So I always do a visit to a clients venue before their big day, but I will admit now that this is the first time I have gone WITH the clients and gone WITH my camera and what a difference it has made.

I love this NEW purpose in my work! To design the shots with you and to focus on what is important to you. To capture some added details for your wedding journey. To document you making those huge decisions. It isn't all just a one day event. It takes you months and sometimes years of planning, documenting the steps of that is so exciting.

By visiting Langdon Court with Kayleigh & Dan I was able to really take note and have a conversation about WHY this beautiful venue was THE venue for their special day.

I haven't assumed they like certain parts of the grounds or the house and now I KNOW where means the most to them and where fits their vision and personality and I am so EXCITED for their day, EVEN MORE.

This is now something I will do as a personal service for all of my clients.

Counting down with only 19 days until their special day! 

Counting down with only 19 days until their special day! 

To see Dan & Kayleigh's beautiful day click HERE

Storytelling - Rose & Tim

Tim & Rose - Married at St Elizabeths House 

Tim & Rose - Married at St Elizabeths House 

We all love a good story....and to be able to capture and tell that story in images is my gift.

Photographing Rose & Tim's wedding was an honour and to be able to tell the story of who they are and the journey they were about to take was amazing.

Through the planning stage Rose & Tim had a very special announcement and on their special day I was asked to capture this moment...

After the speeches on their day they announced to all of their guests by having scan photos in envelopes on the tables. It was such a beautiful moment to capture.



So it was really lovely to then tell the next chapter of their story with a lovely walk and family shoot with their beautiful little lady Poppy.


What I loved about this shoot the most is the simplicity of a lovely family walk and the addition of me. Only taking about 30 minutes, with some glorious sunshine (though a little chilly). It was beautiful to capture the relationship of Rose, Tim & Poppy.

After the shoot we had a lovely chat and a cup of tea to warm up. I even got some Poppy cuddles and Luna the cat joined us too.


Of course the journey for these guys is only just beginning, but for me, as a photographer to be able to follow up with my lovely wedding clients, to capture life after their big day is so special and I feel very honoured to be invited into their home and lives.

Much love to The Finneron's and their lives together!

Overcome a creative block

Starting Saturday off with an apology to you all for the quiet week. I have had an inspiration shortage and a creative block until yesterday and I didn't want to share images and thoughts that were half attempts.

There was a time when I would have done that and then looked at my feed and deleted all the images. When I would have forced the process and it would have given you no value.

Can you relate to this?

Do you have a process for getting yourself back into a creative swing?

Yesterday I felt the inspired surge come back (hence now writing this) and I was thinking about what I had done to get back to that point as that is a potion worth bottling right?

So I figured it out and I am sharing it with you and others so that you can restart your creative engine should it run out of fuel.

What I do to get out of a creative slump

1 - RELAX - I know that's annoying to hear as I know how much you want to just get into productive and creative mode but some great person once one said INSERT AWESOME QUOTE ABOUT NOT FORCING CREATIVITY.....I am sure someone once said it but I could not find one so I am saying it.

'You can not force creativity it has to be allowed to flow' Mrs Jutson 2017

So by relaxing and allowing yourself to just be in that space you release the tension on your mind and your body to create something. Letting that pressure go frees up more space. 

Using this time to do some mindfulness/meditation techniques is also something that I have been personally exploring. This is so super new to me but it really does make a difference when I do/don't do it. I use an app called 10% Happier

2 - COOK, DO - Some things in your daily life are really good as motivators to jump start getting things done. You can use these things as jump leads to feeling productive and in turn you end up freeing up your to do list and feeling energised to do more things. 

You HAVE to do SOMETHING, motivation is not just going to appear. Creativity can not be forced in my mind, but motivation can be given a good kick up the bum. 

I found that getting my house sorted and cooking a homemade meal were really good motivators for me yesterday and I felt motivated to get more done.

3 - HAVE A CUPPA - Invite a friend around, chat and have a cuppa. This week I have done this 3 times and each time it has opened up new conversations in my mind; allowing myself to switch off from the 'I MUST CREATE' thoughts which were consuming. Those conversations also brought out new ideas to be explored and battled out. Having another pair of ears on an idea or listening to what others are currently working on can also inspire you.

4 - GET OUT OF THE HOUSE - If you work for yourself, like me, then a lot of your time is spent in the house. Surrounded by the rest of your day-to-day tasks clogs up any free create space. SO GET OUT. Go for a walk in the park, go to a friends house for a chat, take your kids for a hot chocolate (I voted for this one yesterday). If you have the time I would 100% recommend a trip out to a forest or the sea (depending on your personal preference). Although I could not do this in the past few days it always gives me some head space and restarts my create flow.

5 - BOOKS, WRITING, MUSIC & MOVIES - This is my final personal tip for how I overcome a creative block and just start things again. This week, with my creativity at a bit of a stand still I have submerged myself into books, music and movies; connecting with others and their creativity through their work can also inspire your own creativity.

I also like to write lists and notes about everything and sometimes that is the way to wrk through a block as well. My most recent purchase was the 52 Lists Project 

So there you have it, this week has been full of these top 5 things and after the last cup of tea yesterday and a lovely walk and hot chocolate with my 2 small people...creativity started flowing again.

I hope some of these will help you whenever you may find your creativity slowing down. Just know that it is normal, but that you can keep it ticking along by being kind to yourself and finding your reset triggers.

Here is to a much more productive week for me and you!

Much Love! x 


What do you do with BEAUTIFUL creations?

'I decided I wanted to have a professional album of the beautiful images Louise had taken for me to show at wedding fairs and to new clients in consultations. I didn't want a standard DIY album so Louise suggested and showed me one of hers which was just perfect, beautiful and luxurious. We worked together on the layout, I gave her the images I wanted to use and she designed the album and made all the images of my different collections of work, fit together in one album. It is Amazing and I have had so many compliments on the album.' Jennifer Wells, Edible Essence Couture Cake Company


In July you will have seen my post about photographing at weddings without capturing the bride... its true check it out HERE 

The second half of this year I photographed many more incredible cakes and flower set ups. Meeting new suppliers along the way who took up the same service.

It was amazing. I went on to extend the service to workshops and events including a wedding suppliers styled baby shower.

It was wonderful to see those images on the websites and social media pages of the lovely suppliers I have been working with.

Though I couldn't help but feel they were made for something MORE.

So you can imagine my sheer delight when Jenny from Edible Essence and Hannah Burnett Florist both asked me to design and create albums to include all of the work we had done.

No matter how far technology reaches, to have a tangible and beautiful book of your work to show your clients is THE way to showcase your work (and mine and other photographers of course - shameless promotion).

Take a look at a sample of the elegant album for Edible Essence Couture Cake Company.

Surrounded by stunning cupcakes from Edible Essence 

Surrounded by stunning cupcakes from Edible Essence 


We were able to work closely to design each spread to work with all of Jenny's stunning designs.

It has been fantastic working with Jenny and to see this as a final result gives me huge pleasure.

I am super excited to be finishing Hannah's wedding album in the New Year after rounding off the 2016 wedding season with her on New Years Eve.

To be able to showcase these incredible women's talents gives me pure JOY!




Always grow your skills and yourself!



I am a photographer, I love photos, I love light..... and.... I have NEVER seen a sunrise take place.

So this morning, after being super inspired by Phil Starkey at the Women in Photography conference on Wednesday, I decided to see it for the first time. From start (6:45am) to finish (7:59am). I wanted to see the light and the landscape change.

Uninterrupted for no purpose but to be there, with my camera and just BE!

Not every picture you take is made for a PURPOSE but simply for your own pleasure and to allow your creativity space to grow.

When I braved getting out of the car, this was the first image I captured. Just to see the changes by the time I decided to leave.

I had ZERO idea of where to compose my image, I am used to photographing people or objects to do with weddings and celebrations.

So I wandered and just started taking photos. I watched the light in the sky and on the sea change and frankly it is magical! Though very subtle in these images, the change is so quick.

I had a great time photographing this scene because it is also where I achieved a huge personal goal and actually went into the sea, something I have been afraid of for many many years. This also was a place of solace in my late teens.

However, I felt like I was trying to be someone or something else and I couldn't quite connect with the images. 

Until... I started thinking in my style which is always to look for the small details. Those parts of the story that if captured connect you to every set of images you take.

When I allowed myself to just let go and not worry, I started to become fascinated with all the things that saw the first light before anything else in the world. I changed back to my personal style settings and there I was, happy in my element witnessing the beauty of nature for the first time in my 32 years. 

Allow yourself to be you, live inspired and follow your instincts.

I got super cold and realised I am not the best equipped person for outdoors for long periods of time, so didn't capture the next stage. I was home by 8:15am having a lovely cuddle with my babies and hubby feeling refreshed and proud!

What will you do differently to grow today?

Happy Monday!

Creative Breathe!


Over the past year I have realised that no matter how busy you are you MUST take time for your creative mind! To allow it some freedom from all of the things you are doing, to allow new ideas in and to BREATHE!

As you know I am with at least one child everyday so to find time to do that can sometimes be hard.

However more and more over this past 8 months of running my rebranded business I have been bringing my children to anything I can.

So why not allow them into my creative time, no one said you had to do it ALONE! x


Just because my main business focus is wedding photography it does not mean I should keep that as ALL I do! It is important to just ALLOW creativity sometimes even if it doesn't have a set purpose.

So this morning me and Effie went for a lovely walk, photographing ANYTHING that caught my eye, which of course means Effie as well! Talking to dog walkers and just breathing!

The colours of this morning are just beautiful if you haven't planned to get out today! I highly recommend going for a walk if you can!

Do something for your creative mind!

A confidence shoot in Paris!

'I've got a ring and everything' Dan Merry

The confidence shoot!

When I had a booking consultation in 2016 with the lovely and Kayleigh & Dan who got married in March 2017; It was with a passing sentence that Dan said that Paris was the place that had sentimental feeling to them, because it was where he had proposed.


2 days later, when I couldn't sleep through thinking about it and was obsessing over photographs plans. I just boldly shared my idea with them and 3 months later they were there again, eating and breathing the romance of Paris, while I followed them around capturing some incredibly beautiful scenes and emotions.

What a beautiful day and adventure for a pre wedding confidence shoot.

Sunrise at The Eiffel Tower!

Mrs Jutson Wedding Photography

A stroll along the Seine!

Mrs Jutson Wedding Photography

On our quick 24 hour hop, we made the most of the time and took a late night stroll around Paris when we arrived. Strolling through the art district of Montmartre. There were lights, street music and we ate a lovely meal in a traditional Parisian restaurant. 

Thank you Kayleigh & Dan for sharing your special place with me.

To get in touch about where you want to go for your confidence shoot click below.

I have recently attended 15 weddings as a photographer and not taken any photos of the bride, on purpose.

I have recently attended 15 weddings as a photographer and not taken any photos of the bride, on purpose.

I have recently attended 15 weddings as a photographer and not taken any photos of the bride, on purpose.

But do not panic...READ ON!

Funky Poppy - a winning name

What an exciting moment for Button-Flies, last week we had the privilege of winning a beautiful necklace from the talented Lizzy at Funky Poppy in Plymouth.

Lizzy names her necklaces after friends and was looking for a name for her newest creation. As I am button obsessed mummy, I submitted my newest edition 'Ophelia Rose' name for the competition and we WON.

Ophelia Rose with Lizzy @ Funky Poppy

Ophelia Rose with Lizzy @ Funky Poppy

I was so excited!

My grandma even went and bought one knowing it was named after her great-granddaughter.

So that of course meant I needed to take a visit to Funky Poppy (oh no a shop full of buttons....) and say thank you in person with Ophelia, and of course take some pictures of Lizzy's beautiful shop.

Lizzy creates all sorts of wonderful pieces with buttons, including necklaces, earrings and rings.

While I was in the shop she had a regular customer come in with an outfit and asked Lizzy to create a piece to match; this is an amazing personal service and I am looking through my wardrobe now to find an outfit that needs 'buttoning up'.


Lizzy also creates the most beautiful button bouquets for you and your bridesmaids. These can be built to match and compliment your colour scheme and are an amazing keepsake after your special day.

I could look at the thousands of unique buttons Lizzy stocks to personalise any clothing or to build your personal jewellery collection.

The pictures say it all!