pre-wedding shoot

Amanda & Neil

and Skye!

So excited to share with you Amanda & Neil's confidence shoot. It is my favourite part of your wedding photography journey. I get to be super nosey about your wedding plans and what has been going on in your world.

It was the most fun I have had in a while with this winter weather and it gets me excited for the rest of this month and the shoots coming up.

She spent time getting to know us as a couple to make our shoot totally personal to us and our life. Louise is so warm and bubbly, we felt natural and comfortable the whole time which really shows in the photos.
— A&N

We started our session together in my favourite way. Chilling at their house, with a cup of tea and a catch up (yes that means me being nosey)

We then took a drive and a walk along their favourite beach and had great fun!

Amanda and Neil wanted to have their shoot by their favourite local beach. After recently relocating themselves to Wembury (Devon) they have fully embraced the community and love all it. They also wanted their photos to be relaxed, fun and to capture them, with my task to get a natural smile from Neil. Did I do it???? Have a look see! 

Amanda & Neil thank you for a wonderful afternoon, allowing me into your world and capturing you as a couple. I am so excited for your wedding in just a few short weeks.

Thank you also to Skye for being a wonderful model. Even when you took the limelight from mummy and daddy.

Where will you go for your shoot? What place connects you and your partner?

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A s h l e y & B e c k y

I LOVE confidence shoots. I get to go on a personal journey with my couples listening to their journey so far since their engagement. I get to know more about them to help me capture their day in a personal way (yes I am nosey and I want to know everything from your favourite band to your favourite ways to spend your time together).

Sometimes I even get to walk the path that they walked before their proposal... this was the case with Ashley & Becky (and Dexter). 

We met on a cosy, autumn day at the beautiful Blenheim Palace; with Dexter their puppy in hand and the picnic blanket from the day Ashley proposed it was a special walk to take with them.

Ashley & Becky wanted to capture their proposal adventure and we recreated some of the experiences to make their shoot truly personal. 

With posing guidance, personal items, a fun puppy and a beautiful backdrop we had a great time. Thank you Ashley & Becky for being so open in sharing such a special location with me.

Mrs Jutson Wedding Photography
Mrs Jutson Wedding Photography
Mrs Jutson Wedding Photography

I can not wait for your special day in Devon in 2018.

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Confidence Sessions! - Why you need to let me take your photo before your big day!

 Engagement Shoot, Pre- wedding shoot, pre-wedding session, couples shoot...

There are so many different titles being used between photographers around the world for the mini shoot we attach/include in our packages. One of the above, maybe others that I have not come across.


As you may have noticed I am not one for the norm and something was not sitting right with me when I was talking about the pre-wedding shoot and when I was writing about it on my website. It was not encapsulating what I knew the value of the pre-shoot was for my couples. So I use a different term.

Whichever term is used all the professionals I know will agree it is an essential part of the wedding photography journey.


Your Confidence Shoot

Why is it essential and why do I call it this?

I could write an endless article about this but lets keep it to some key bullet points...

- It is key in building in our rapport so you feel relaxed and confident having me around on your day.


- It is an important part of your photography journey to build your confidence in having your photograph taken on your wedding day by me.

- You feel comfortable with me being close to you and guiding you through poses.

- I get to know more about you, what your passions are and what makes you laugh so I can make your photographs more personal (have a cool hobby you want to include in your shoot PLEASE tell me... acro yoga shoot anyone?

- You get to have some awesome photographs of yourselves to use at home or even on your wedding day for your displays.

- These photos make great Save the Date postcards.

- We get to add more excitement to your wedding journey. So many of the parts of wedding planning will not come to fruition until your day. With me we get to have a bit more fun, capturing memories, extended your chances to really take note of your journey. 

All of these elements make this a vital and hugely fun part of your wedding photography journey because hands down it helps create even better photographs for you!

So lets get chatting about your Confidence Shoot today!

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