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I am a photographer, I love photos, I love light..... and.... I have NEVER seen a sunrise take place.

So this morning, after being super inspired by Phil Starkey at the Women in Photography conference on Wednesday, I decided to see it for the first time. From start (6:45am) to finish (7:59am). I wanted to see the light and the landscape change.

Uninterrupted for no purpose but to be there, with my camera and just BE!

Not every picture you take is made for a PURPOSE but simply for your own pleasure and to allow your creativity space to grow.

When I braved getting out of the car, this was the first image I captured. Just to see the changes by the time I decided to leave.

I had ZERO idea of where to compose my image, I am used to photographing people or objects to do with weddings and celebrations.

So I wandered and just started taking photos. I watched the light in the sky and on the sea change and frankly it is magical! Though very subtle in these images, the change is so quick.

I had a great time photographing this scene because it is also where I achieved a huge personal goal and actually went into the sea, something I have been afraid of for many many years. This also was a place of solace in my late teens.

However, I felt like I was trying to be someone or something else and I couldn't quite connect with the images. 

Until... I started thinking in my style which is always to look for the small details. Those parts of the story that if captured connect you to every set of images you take.

When I allowed myself to just let go and not worry, I started to become fascinated with all the things that saw the first light before anything else in the world. I changed back to my personal style settings and there I was, happy in my element witnessing the beauty of nature for the first time in my 32 years. 

Allow yourself to be you, live inspired and follow your instincts.

I got super cold and realised I am not the best equipped person for outdoors for long periods of time, so didn't capture the next stage. I was home by 8:15am having a lovely cuddle with my babies and hubby feeling refreshed and proud!

What will you do differently to grow today?

Happy Monday!