A confidence shoot in Paris!

'I've got a ring and everything' Dan Merry

The confidence shoot!

When I had a booking consultation in 2016 with the lovely and Kayleigh & Dan who got married in March 2017; It was with a passing sentence that Dan said that Paris was the place that had sentimental feeling to them, because it was where he had proposed.


2 days later, when I couldn't sleep through thinking about it and was obsessing over photographs plans. I just boldly shared my idea with them and 3 months later they were there again, eating and breathing the romance of Paris, while I followed them around capturing some incredibly beautiful scenes and emotions.

What a beautiful day and adventure for a pre wedding confidence shoot.

Sunrise at The Eiffel Tower!

Mrs Jutson Wedding Photography

A stroll along the Seine!

Mrs Jutson Wedding Photography

On our quick 24 hour hop, we made the most of the time and took a late night stroll around Paris when we arrived. Strolling through the art district of Montmartre. There were lights, street music and we ate a lovely meal in a traditional Parisian restaurant. 

Thank you Kayleigh & Dan for sharing your special place with me.

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