The question I wish you would ask me....

Mrs Jutson Wedding Photography Specialist

Are you asking your suppliers this?

Ok, so lets get serious for a second. You are hiring a service for one of the biggest days of your life, you have saved for a number of years, family are investing in your day with you, you are working more hours to get a bigger budget for your dream outfit and venue!

That is a big deal....

If you were buying a brand new car for £12,000+ (average wedding costs from my own head and shall I get a statistic) you would insure it... am I right? So that if something happened you would be covered to fix it or replace it?

So.... have you taken out wedding insurance?

Ok I will be honest with you... I did not even know this existed when I got married so I didn't do it but if I was to go back I would.

Then... and this is THE question...are you asking your suppliers if they are insured and if you aren't DO IT NOW! 

I am not going to write out my entire policy because that is DULL... but I am going to share this!

If I leave my camera bag laying around and you trip over it and break your leg... we are covered.

If I damage your dress with my tripod or lights...we are covered

If I scratch your car when I climb on it to take the group shot..(ok I wouldn't but some might) I am covered.

All this along with if anything happens to my equipment on your big day!

Do you think that is important? Because I do and that is why I am a professional and I pay for that service. So you feel safe!

NOW! Have you also asked your other suppliers the same?


I do not like doom and gloom but still being serious here your big day means a lot to you and it means a lot to me. I want you to feel safe and secure in your suppliers. All the professionals are great at what they do and will not doubt be insured. Accidents do happen even to the most experienced suppliers.

SO GET ASKING! We will be pleased that you did!

Want to know more about what to ask?

Ask about a suppliers insurances, what is covered and do they have public liability insurances (for makeup artists, hair stylists, photographers, bands and many more)