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Images taken by Miss Vintage Rose

Images taken by Miss Vintage Rose

There comes a time for us all when the fairy dust is blown away by the winds of adulthood and our eyes are closed to our daydreams. We all crave an escape and remembrance of the days when believing in anything, was absolutely possible. The warmth of the sun, its beams dancing on a calm flickering stream as the tree branches sway to the rhythm of your breathing. Everything seems in sync and you see the world with a wonder and enchantment. As if you had just been born; this is a feeling many of us now, through the industrial age, trying to regain. We crave the connection of dreaming and nature with our lives again, with this in mind finding artists and creatives that can give us a helping hand (because lets me honest we never really know how to describe these feelings) is magic in itself.

This wave of magical enlightenment is what washed over me when looking at the beautiful work of Zephyre Rose Hood and I had to share it with you too. The most encapsulating element of these images are of course the beautiful daughter of Zephyre, who embodies all we miss about being a little girl.

As I saw these images come through my feed, I felt the fairy dust of my daydreams settle on my eyelashes and float around inside my head lighting up my thoughts.

Zephyre created these images on the floor, with her little fairy willingly bringing her visions to life. The tones and the lighting give your eyes a slight haze that makes you feel your gently squinting through a misty sunrise. I literally love this set of images and I can not wait to see more of the body of work through the year.

There is something very Anne Geddes about this body of work, moving away from contemporary child portraiture, that over the years has come flooding into our living rooms (yes hands up I have been filling some of those living room walls). However what Zephyre's work has in common is the ability to bring personality to her images, you can see that her daughter is sharing a moment with her mum, that in her open and free mind is completely real.

Miss Vintage Rose also encompasses photography and illustration you see her work below.

Share this work, and share in the Miss Vintage Daydream.