I need your help!

Dearest bride-to-be! 

Thank you for following my link and for helping me.

You are the eyes and ears on the ground, you are in the wedding trenches and following the wedding planning journey right now and I am in need of your advice.

5 years ago I was on your journey, I had a wedding photographer, I chose a florist, I found a dress... I did it all. I look back now and I actually wonder how I made any of those decisions. I have no idea what made me choose certain things, nor why I felt the need to even do some of the things I did (table plan..... never again)

So would you help me with my content, so I can help reduce the stress of booking suppliers for you, so I can help you feel confident in knowing what you are looking for and how to find it. To aid in the decision making.

I have some questions below I would love to pick your brains on.


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When is your wedding day?
What is your venue type? *
What style of venue have you booked and if you are still looking what are you looking for?
What suppliers/details have you already booked for your wedding? *
Which were the top 3 priority areas for you focus on? *
Some couples want to go all out on the venue, some the attire, some the florist. Which for you are the top priorities for YOUR day?
When booking a supplier/service do you ask about insurance? *
When booking a supplier/service do you look for professional qualifications? *
When booking a supplier which of the following are important to you? *



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