Make it special - Paris Engagement shoot with Kayleigh & Dan

'I've got a ring and everything' Dan Merry 

7am proposal shoot at the Eiffel Tower, where Dan proposed 3 months prior to our trip.

7am proposal shoot at the Eiffel Tower, where Dan proposed 3 months prior to our trip.

You will see many photographers talk about pre-wedding shoots or engagement shoots. Liberty Pearl Photography wrote an incredible post about why they are important and I agree with all of the areas she talk about. 

It builds a relationship that reduces the worry on your wedding day!

You get to be YOURSELVES with personalised photos of just the two of you!

And many more reasons!

The pre-wedding shoot has a calmer, more personal feel to it because it is just the lovely couple, being themselves in a place that holds sentiment and connects them.

When I had a booking consultation with the lovely and Kayleigh & Dan who are getting married in 2017. It was with a passing sentence that Dan said that Paris was the place that had sentimental feeling to them, because it was where he had proposed.


2 days later, when I couldn't sleep through thinking about it and was obsessing over photographs on Pinterest. I just boldly asked them if they would be up for it and thankfully I could not have asked for a better response. 3 months later they were there again, eating and breathing the romance of Paris, while I followed them around capturing some incredibly beautiful scenes and emotions.

I could not have imagined the feeling of being able to give such a special gift, lasting memories for them. It was such an incredible experience that I am excited to now be offering for future couples as well.

Where means something to YOU?

Lets GO!

More photographs from Kayleigh & Dan's shoot coming soon on a very special Blog feature.

Have a wonderful day!

With love Louise!

Image credit|: Stuart Brampton Photography 

Image credit|: Stuart Brampton Photography